Fondo negro


Transcending the boundaries - Aimah’s experience is one of the visual frequencies cast deep into the soul. 

Every piece of the artist represents transcendence right down to the mediums and materials used. With the exploration of conceptual art, her disciplines include street art, fine art, muralism, sculpting, illustration, fashion, film, photography, and music. “Boundless” would be the term to describe the “type” of art she creates. 

Originally from Mexico City, Aimah is an international multimedia artist currently reverberating visual frequencies in the United States. Her art has been featured in various exhibitions worldwide, Mainstream print, and collected by the likes of Richard Branson. From Art Basel Miami to her solo exhibitions in Mexico City Aimah’s symphony of visual stimulation continues its world tour. 

Aimah’s mission is to explore the meaning of transcendence through different mediums in order to inspire the idea of “living life to the maximum”. Translating this message to the world through immersive art with the goal of eliminating the self-fulfilling prophecy of human suffering.