This album, “Pop Festival” is about a celebration of pop culture! Pop culture is my thing. I have traveled, lived, and experienced different cities around the globe. The local culture is something fascinating to take in. While on this journey, I have met inspiring people and listened to many inspirational phrases. Most of which have impacted my life perspective and helped me to understand another aspect of reality; creating a difference in my life in a notable way. 


I take phrases from musical experiences and locals I encounter and fuse them to create a visual representation in my artwork.  I make them accessible to others in the area by sharing these works in poster form, bringing back the nostalgia of the way music posters invited the public to come enjoy live concerts.


"Pop Festival" is a collection of "concert" posters. They can be found in the streets of the community,  giving a voice to their people, to inspire and connect, in an effort to manifest a better society. As always every single relates to a song and a real story.  I invite you to create your own ideas around the pieces and songs. If you find one on the streets of your city, please feel you free to take the poster, it's for you!

poster 1 pop festival Elle's song being2

Ella´s Song




"I'm a woman who speaks in a voice, and I must be heard

We who believe in freedom can not rest “ - Ella´s Song


“Inspire others to find their magic.”

Phrase: Rob Johnson @robjohnson_fit

Charlotte, NC 

Marzo, 2019 


The song that I choose to represent this single is part of the history of the United States. It was written by Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagan and played by the Sweet Honey group in an exquisite blend of vocal harmonies. The author tried honor the words of Ella Baker; as she helped shed light on the struggle for freedom for the African American communities that continue to live fighting for their rights and a just transition to freedom.


Nothing in this world like music to empower a message

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